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Animal Reiki

Reiki is a safe and gentle healing technique. It is an ancient practice that can bring one’s emotional and physical energies into balance.  The word Reiki is often translated as Rei meaning universal and ki meaning life force energy. 


We, humans as well as animals, all have ki or energy flowing through our bodies that brings us life and good health. Sometimes our ki can become out of balance meaning that the positive life energy that helps us create harmonious relationships, and be comfortable in our surroundings, is blocked by negative or uneasy emotions.  Yes – even for a pet!


Reiki promotes healing, balance, and peace - allowing the animal to receive or release the emotion(s) that may be causing anxiety, stress, and negative behaviors.


Reiki is particularly effective in bringing balance and serenity to an abused, neglected, and/or abandoned animal. It can help an animal release past experiences that trigger fear, separation anxiety, or aggression.


Helping your pet heal from emotional wounds allows them to feel more at ease in their new surroundings and perhaps become more open to learning new behaviors.


Energy healing through Reiki can also help an animal who is facing a terminal illness or old age by easing their transition with peaceful acceptance and love.


Through study, practice, and attunements, an Animal Reiki Practitioner taps into a larger, increased flow of ki to receive intuitive guidance regarding the healing needs of the pet.  The practitioner offers this healing energy to the animal by creating a space where he or she can feel safe and calm. 


An animal may enjoy being pet or massaged during a Reiki session or just enjoy the positive energy that fills the room. At the start of each session, the practitioner connects with the animal on an emotional level to see if the animal is open to receiving the healing. A session can be 15 minutes to an hour long depending on the unique needs of each pet.


Please call to discuss how Reiki may help you and your pet live a happier life together.

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