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Why Joyful Pets ?

Exciting News!!!!!!

Jeanne has accepted the position
Behavior & Enrichment Coordinator
at the SPCA Westchester (December 2014).

She will be training SPCA animal alumni only, who have been placed within the last 6 months. But please feel free to call for references to other gentle obedience trainers in our area. Animal Reiki classes and circles will continue for SPCA volunteers.

The animals in our lives give us the gifts of joy, unconditional love, companionship and so much more.  Even a well adjusted pet sometimes needs help to overcome behavioral challenges, adapt to new environments, or heal from a trauma.

Joyful Pets is an alternative animal training and healing practice providing gentle solutions, tailored to your life, to ensure your pets are confident, cooperative and joyful beings.

Positive reinforcement training is used to teach obedience cues and provide methods for successfully dealing with behavioral issues.

Animal Reiki is offered to assist your pet in healing and adapting to a new environment.

Joyful Pets teaches both the animal and their people how to work together to develop a healthy and harmonious atmosphere for training and healing. The human/animal relationship is fostered through the understanding of the pet’s personality and what that pet needs to thrive and succeed in their new environment.

Call Jeanne to set up a consultation for your pet in your home.

Further information on Positive Reinforcement Training and Animal Reiki can be found by clicking on the logos below.






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